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Implementation of customer functions, including:

Preparation of tender documents - both technical and commercial part;

Complete equipment and materials;

Technical supervision of construction

Implementation of the General Contractor functions in the "turnkey" construction, as well as the execution of individual services, including:

General design, including the construction documents;

Complete equipment and materials;

Construction management, coordination sub-contractor actions;

Total management of the project in the amount of charged obligations;

Implementation of constructional works involving highly professional building, installation, commissioning industrial companies;

Training customer staff: how to work with the supplied equipment;

Conduction of launch operations and commissioning.

Services of the consortium design centers:

Consideration of justification of investment for the construction of power grid facilities;

Development of design and working documentation for major construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of power grid facilities of any complexity with voltage type 110kv and above;

Conducting survey work connected with major construction of power grid facilities;

Preparation of estimate documents for the built and reconstructed power grid facilities;

Architectural supervision over power grid facilities which are in the process of construction and reconstruction

Development of a package of tender documentation;

Coordination of design and working documents in the state and other supervisory authorities;

Energy audit;

Organization of consumers power installation connection.


The production group of consortium does work which is related to the construction and reconstruction of electrical networks and substations with any voltage type, to installation of fiber-optic communication lines.

Service and repair

We are the group of companies which provides a full range of services and installation services for the power grid facilities.


Design service centers of consortium

Implementation of General Contractor functions